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Mortgage FAQ’s

Q: How much can I afford for a home in Alberta?

A: The amount you can afford depends on factors like your income, expenses, and credit score. It’s recommended to get pre-approved for a mortgage to determine your budget. We’re here to help! Visit our pre-approval portal online by clicking HERE or give us a call to get started at 780-340-0668.

Q: What is the minimum down payment required in Alberta?

A: The minimum down payment is 5% for the first $500,000 of the home’s price and 10% for any amount above $500,000. Did you know you can download our app and use our mortgage calculator to find out how much down payment you’ll need as well as what your monthly payments would be? Click HERE to download the app today.

Q: Are there any government programs for first-time buyers in Alberta?

A: Yes, there may be programs and incentives that can help you get into your first home. Call us today and we can explore which programs you may qualify for.

Q: What additional costs should I budget for when buying a home in Alberta?

A: Consider costs like legal fees, home inspection fees, property taxes, and potential maintenance costs when budgeting for a home purchase. We wrote a post about closing costs. You can find it HERE

Q: Can you explain the home buying process in Alberta?

A: The process involves steps like getting pre-approved, finding a realtor, house hunting, making an offer, home inspection, and closing. We are happy to help connect you to one of our trusted referral partners.

Q: How does a mortgage work, and what types are available?

A: A mortgage is a loan to buy a home. There are fixed and variable rates. Your mortgage payments cover both principal and interest, and the loan is paid off over a set period (amortization).

Q: What should I look for in a neighborhood in Alberta?

A: Consider factors like proximity to work, schools, safety, amenities, and future development plans when choosing a neighborhood.

Q: How can I improve my credit score before applying for a mortgage?

A: Pay bills on time, reduce outstanding debts, and check your credit report for errors. A higher credit score improves your chances of securing a favorable mortgage rate.

Q: Are there hidden costs associated with homeownership in Alberta?

A: While most costs are transparent, be aware of potential maintenance costs, homeowner association fees, and property tax increases.

Q: What are the current real estate market conditions in Alberta?

A: The market is decided by market trends, home prices, and interest rates. Your realtor can provide updates on the current conditions in the Alberta real estate market.

It’s always advisable to seek personalized advice from a mortgage professional to get accurate information based on your specific situation. Reach out to us today at or by calling 780-340-0668